Original Logo

The Simple Room began in 1981 as a class project during an interterm course at Greenville College entitled "Creative Evangelism." Dr. Jim Reinhard and his class felt compelled to address the need for ministry among the young people of Bond County. In the course of discussion, one student suggested, "Well, perhaps if we just had a simple room downtown, we could offer cookies, hot chocolate, and conversation to whoever comes in."

The class acquired their room, and the response was gratifying. At the end of the month they realized they could not walk away from this good work, so they continued the ministry staffed by volunteers.

It soon became apparent that volunteers could not devote the time necessary to meet the needs of the youth of our community. So just two years later, The Simple Room was incorporated as a charitable, not-for-profit, tax exempt organization with a Board of Directors and an Executive Director. After renting several locations, we purchased a building at 405 W. Franklin Ave where The Simple Room has made its permanent home.

The Simple Room would not be the organization it is today without the vision and dedication of its previous directors. We are forever grateful for their hard work and legacy that has allowed the Simple Room to be what it is today.

(Left: The Simple Room's original logo.)